It’s been two years today. It feels as though it’s been far longer. It feels to me that we’ve experienced more on this path than two years could hold. And yet, the loss still feels immediate, almost suffocating. Time passes, and it passes slowly, but the loss remains. I want to remember Dad today. That’s […]

It seems that the only reason I write these days, the only time I come to this site, is to discuss tragedy and loss. Today it is not my loss but that of two of my best friends, Mark and Lauren. Lauren shared the news today with these words: Today is my due date. What […]

It’s been almost 10 weeks since Dad died. I had to check. If you’d asked me, I would have guessed 6 weeks, even though that’s obviously wrong now that I think about it. People ask me how I’m doing. Everyone wants to know how I’m doing. When they ask, I do my best to answer […]

Logan, call me immediately, there’s been an accident. I’m riding in the backseat of an old sedan. Not dirty, exactly, but not clean either. I’m trying to make small talk with my host for the weekend. The key is to ask questions. If you want to be able to talk to anyone, you have to […]

I had a dream about Dad a few nights ago. It was short, a brief moment. He came in, entered that dream-space where I found myself, as if returning from a long journey. I never saw any bags but I had the sense that he was setting down his luggage, as one does after a […]

My Father died suddenly this past week.  His funeral was today.  My sister and I wrote this about him, and it was read at the funeral. At a time like this, words are difficult to find.  In the immediate aftermath of receiving the news, the only words we had were the words of others, sharing […]

If you can’t criticize your friends–if you can’t even publicly disagree with them–you need new friends. — James K.A. Smith (@james_ka_smith) April 11, 2013 I saw this quote yesterday and I’ve been thinking about it since.  My immediate reaction was to dismiss it.  James K.A. Smith is situated in an environment, from his confessional tradition […]